The Company
The Red Onion is a boutique consultancy, specialising in IT Consulting Services and Skills Development Training. The company was borne out of the inherent need to provide solutions from group-level strategic planning, to on-the-ground implementations, followed by extending to upskilling of internal resources and providing the necessary skills for continued improvement. Our ability to adapt to various levels of business, as well as communicate effectively to any audience, is what makes us unique to the industries we function within.

We pride ourselves on oustanding service and building strong relationships.
The People
The Red Onion was co-founded by Warren Robertson and Rikesh Harikaran in 2014, who collectively have 20 years worth of experience, in multiple diverse industries. Their passion for owning and driving projects, as well as identifying solutions to daily business problems, ensures that successful partnerships are formed and maintained. The team’s skills will help you achieve your strategic objectives through improving your processes, utilising innovative solutions and educating your workforce to become successful team players and solution delivery rock stars.
The Name
The Onion is representative of any business with multiple levels/departments/people who work together to form the company as a single functioning unit. Our experience enables us to understand and communicate on multiple layers, understanding each layer of the business to produce solutions that will function seamlessly, to form one common body (the onion). Our Passion for what we do and the red colour associated with that passion, as well as the fact that red onions have significant health benefits; it only made sense that we adopt the name for our business.
Let us deliver your multi-layered solutions through passion, and promote healthy business functions.
Our Experience
The Red Onion recognises that your business is unique, which is why we have a hands-on attitude to offer you Tailored services. We will integrate ourselves into your business environment and provide a fresh, innovative and 'wide angle' approach, to everything we do.
Our experience to date spans across various industries. These include:
* Government (Various Sectors)
* Education
* Retail
* Legal
* Oil and Gas
* Insurance
* Health and Fitness
* Financial Services