IT Strategy Development

IT Strategy Development
Regardless of size, in this day and age, Information Technology is a majority contributor within all organisational budgets. Additionally, organisations need to cope with change of all types, especially the ever changing technology advancements.

Justification for this cost as well as change management considerations need to be defined and accommodated by the Information Technology Strategy. A weak IT strategy can become a very costly and inefficient exercise, especially for resource-constrained organisations that operate with low budgets and lean resources. Weak or lack of I.T Strategy can also cause organisations to fall into a constant state of catch up.

We will assist your business to define an IT Strategy which will cover the following aspects:
• Ensuring your business is using technology in the most appropriate way to address important business priorities and continuously deliver value.
• Ensuring finances are invested in the correct technology.
• Measuring value that is derived from each piece of technology.
• Ensuring technology is flexible enough and funds are invested wisely to accommodate changes in business and technology.
• Technology is implemented with the future in mind and enabling scalability.
• Ensuring your I.T. environment is managed, maintained and secured effectively to enable the business to provide necessary cost effective support to their clients.
• Ensuring that current and future business needs will be supported by the I.T Strategy.