Current Courses

Project Management Fundamentals

Description: Project Managers ensure projects run on time, within budget and according to requirements as defined according to the scope. Some people do it as their primary job role, while others require the project management skills to assist in their job role, which may not necessarily be their primary role. Project Management Fundamental course caters for people who have little or no experience in Project Management but require the skills to perform their jobs (management level included) or understand principles of project management as a filler course prior to doing a more advanced Project Management Course.

Course Content:
• Project Management Overview
• Project Planning and Control
• Scope Management
• Time, Cost and Resource Management
• Quality Management
• Risk Management
• Project Integration
• Project Closure

After completion of this course students will understand
• Why and when to undertake a project
• How to prioritise tasks/projects
• Understanding instant gratification vs return on investment.
• Understanding and uncovering the root cause of a business problem/idea opportunity
• Why and how to conduct feasibility studies.
• Forming and managing project teams.
• Understanding the importance of team work and team dynamics.
• Identifying and managing project risks/impact analysis.
• Understanding the importance of Great Service.

Price: R2500, excl Vat
Duration: One full day/ two half days*

* Subject to minimum number of attendees
Business Analysis Fundamentals

Description: Business Analyst are key in understanding both business and technical needs, acting as the interpreter of the requirements of the business and converting that into a technical specification that would then enable a system to be built to cater for the business needs. This course is focused new business analysts, or people wanting to understand how to bridge the gap between business and technical. It also would suit non-technical project managers who incorporate business analysis roles in their projects.

Course Content:
• Overview of Business Analysis and methodologies
• Communication Techniques
• Problem Definition
• Stakeholder Definition
• Requirements Gathering and documentation
• Business Process Modelling
• Quality Assurance
• Document Control

After the course you would be able to perform the following:

• Describe the relation between projects and processes
• Describe three major project development methodologies
• Discuss the basics of enterprise analysis and its impact on project selection
• Learn the communications processes and how they can impact project requirements
• Gather and document user requirements using various techniques.
• Modelling the business
• Testing fundamentals and quality assurance

Price: R2500, excl Vat
Duration: One full day/ two half days*

* Subject to minimum number of attendees
Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Description: Creating professional presentations and workshop facilitation is key to any organisations dealing with professional people. This course will assist you in developing the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants needed to deliver professional facilitation as well as prepare to present to your audience with confidence. The course will also teach participants good communication prior to preparing, delivering and evaluating facilitation within a stimulated context.

Course Content:
• Effective Communication
• Understanding your audience
• Preparing your presentation
• Delivering your presentation
• Concluding a facilitation session

Price: R1999, excl. vat
Duration: One full day/ two half days*

* Subject to minimum number of attendees